Joinfly Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Name:Joinfly Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.
About Us
Joinfly is a high-tech enterprise based on the Research Institute on Hydraulic Machinery and Control Technology of Central South University. Since founded in 2001, our company has been engaging in the design and development of the crimping devices of hydraulic rubber hose assembly and related auxiliary products, such as crimping machine, cutting machine, skiving machine, and nut crimping machine. As a company for drafting the industrial standard (JB/T 10708-2007)for crimping machine of China, Joinfly has built up a high-end brand-oriented image among customers in China and abroad on the strength of our continuous innovation of production technology, continuous improvement of product quality, and considerate service. So far our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and reg..
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